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Cat Scratch Fever

My friend's poor cat had a seizure and went a bit loopy so when she tried to help her out she scratched her up really bad.

Here is the result...

Typical burn...

Okay, I burn myself and often. Not on purpose, but due to my carelessness.

So here is a nice bubbly one...

Then I give you the electric oven burn, from hitting your hand onto the electric coils inside the stove.

And lastly on my foot from scalding water hitting my foot.


Pinched Arm

This is a recent injury that happened 2 weeks ago. I have folding doors in my laundry and managed to close it onto my arm.

This is what appeared 2 minutes later.

Tattoo progress

1 week after second treatment- its doing so much better this time around than last. Its healing really well. A little itchy, so it's kind of scabbed around it since I scratch that part cause I cant scratch the tattoo itself

Tattoo progress

this is 11 weeks after the first zapping. I'm going for round 2 on Wednesday. It does look lighter but the picture also kinda blows.

Road Rash from Trikking!

Stupid me decided to attempt the trikke at 2am after drinking tons of wine. I fell down and here is the result.

Went to the ER and nothing is broken. Just left with more grossness for my website.

Tattoo Progress- nasty!

It's been almost 2 weeks since I got the first laser and I'm healing very slowly =( I thought I'd be good by now, but I'm still all scabbed up.

Original tattooCollapse )

1 week after first treatment. Super swollen and grossCollapse )

2 weeks after first treatment. Much less swollen but scabbed up insteadCollapse )

So that's the story. Over the next few weeks it will slowly start to fade and I'll start the process again.

Stomach Burn

I was cooking and put a hot cookie pan on the stove and when I leaned up against the stove to get spices in the rack above I burnt my stomach. This is not the greatest picture, but it is previous 2005.

The scar finally is not there anymore. : )


Mole Removal

This is a recent wound I got from a mole removed from my back. It is a little larger than actual size, but I blew it up a little so you can see the nastiness. They basically scrapped off the mole and then lasered the wound. It took well over a month to heal.